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Our Discovery box at home

Don’t wait any longer to order our discovery box composed of a selection of 12 boxes at the special price of 99.00.- Discover or rediscover our 4 cheese bites and surprise your guests during your aperitifs with a 100% Swiss and 100% original tapas! For every order of a discovery box, Pataclette® offers you a wooden board and an ice-pack !

Pataclette® now on sale at Migros and Mannor!

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Every Saturday at Lutry market

From 9am to 2pm

your tailor-made event

Whether you are a company or a private individual, Pataclette® adapts to satisfy your desires! We have various foodtrucks at your disposal that will satisfy your desires and make your evening a successful event! Book one of our formulas or ask us for a quote without further delay!


Do you own a hotel, restaurant or café and would like to offer our products?

We come to set up the merchandising and lend you a freezer!

About Us

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What is the pataclette?

Half of a Swiss potato hollowed out and filled with the best Swiss PDO cheeses. The Pataclette® is intended to be a simple aperitif that is easy to prepare, convivial and made with products selected from quality farmers. It consists of 15 grams of potato and 15 grams of cheese. Just put it in the oven and it’s done.

Our history

Our history

An invention born after an evening out with friends. We came home hungry and set ourselves a challenge to make the best raclette recipe with the contents of the fridge. It’s as stupid as that. The first raclette that can be eaten with two fingers was born! Quickly, family and friends became addicted and we decided to move up a ladder in 2018. The recipe is very simple, but finding the right varieties of potatoes is not so simple, out of 1700 references, we finally select six. Once we have found the artisans we have to select cheeses and who says Pataclette says raclette. It is therefore quite natural that we approach Raclette du Valais AOP which will become our first cheese partner. With the success of this first variety, the idea came to us to adapt it to several other PDOs. Today we have four different varieties, Raclette du Valais AOP, Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP, Gruyère AOP and Vacherin Mont d’Or AOP. But more surprises are still to come!

Our values

guarantee of quality

We select the best potatoes and cheeses from local producers. An incredible culinary experience is all we care about. We freeze our products to preserve the freshness of the ingredients and always use the highest quality products in every season. Freezing also allows us to have no food wastage and to avoid preservatives.


At Pataclette we waste nothing! The potato hearts are resold and the potato ends are returned to farmers to feed the cattle.

Our team

Our team

Nicolas Lagier

Nicolas Lagier, our new CEO, perfectly embodies the spirit and values of our brand. With 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, notably as the director of the iconic Carlton Hotel in Lausanne, Nicolas brings unparalleled expertise in quality service management, event planning, and communication. With Nicolas at the helm, Pataclette is soaring to new heights.

Adrien de Meyer
Founder of Pataclette

Behind every idea there is a man and in the case of Pataclette this man is Adrien de Meyer. In addition to being the founder of the brand, he is in charge of all the internationalisation of the brand, but also supervises the different departments and looks for new business partners.

Amandine Jolli
Head of production and R&D

Amandine joined our team in September 2022.  Her scope of work extends from raw material purchasing to finished product shipping, including procurement, production, quality, and research and development. She brings the expertise of several years of experience in various large food companies.

Vera Cunha
Administrative and Customer Relations

Vera has been working with Adrien for many years. So when he decides to embark on the Pataclette adventure, it is without a second’s hesitation that she follows him. Vera manages all the administrative requests but is also our point of contact with our retailers RETAIL and HORECA.

Head of production

That’s a nice story! Nyima is a Tibetan refugee threatened with death in his country for demonstrating. We met him in Villars thanks to a relative and appointed him to be in charge of the production of the 45,000 pieces of Pataclette that we bring out every week.

Our team consists of 7 people in the kitchen

In order to follow the growing success of our varieties we had to recruit to keep up with the production rate in the kitchen. Our chef Nyima asked us to recruit people from his community to facilitate exchanges. We quickly went from one person to two, from two to four, to currently have 6 people in the kitchen. And we intend to continue to grow.

Our Partners


We have been working hand in hand with agropole since our beginnings. With their expertise and vision they have been able to listen to us and direct us to local farmers to select our potatoes. Today we work with 38 local farmers in order to have quality and calibrated potatoes for our Pataclette.


The Graap-Fondation welcomes, in a spirit of mutual aid and solidarity, all persons concerned by mental illness, as well as their loved ones. Through its action, it seeks to facilitate the integration of everyone into society. It considers each person as a unique and equivalent being, whose talents are useful and necessary to the community. Through its services and actions, Graap-F aims to facilitate the integration of personal projects into community actions, offering everyone opportunities to influence their daily or social environment. Thus, we wanted to work with GRAAP-F for the shaping of all our cardboard packaging.

Our Partners

Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP

Coming from family farms where the know-how has been passed down from generation to generation, the milk used is guaranteed to be 100% from the Fribourg terroir. It is then transformed by craftsmen who know how to capture all the aromas of the generous pastures. Creamy, with a slightly acidic taste and a soft and creamy paste, its fruity notes and subtle bitterness are fully revealed after a long maturing process.

Vacherin Mont d’Or AOP

Produced within the framework of a strictly defined PDO, Vacherin Mont d’Or draws its smoothness from the milk of cows fed with the herbs and flowers of the Jura mountains of Vaud. Produced exclusively between August and March with thermised milk, Vacherin Mont d’Or develops unique and inimitable aromas and textures after maturing.

Raclette du Valais AOP

The excellent natural milk used to make Raclette du Valais PDO comes from Hérens, Brown, Simmental, Red Holstein and Black Spotted cows. Once or twice a day, the farmers bring their fresh milk to the village cheese dairy. There, the master cheesemaker checks its quality and transforms it into the famous PDO Valais Raclette cheese, combining ancestral know-how and modern means. As this cheese is a purely natural product, it contains no preservatives.

Gruyère AOP

It is above all thanks to a 100% artisanal know-how and a tradition handed down from generation to generation that Le Gruyère PDO retains its inimitable taste and irreproachable quality. The cow’s milk, fed exclusively with natural fodder, fresh herbs and hay, is delivered twice a day, morning and evening. It is then worked and matured by artisan cheesemakers to give it its incomparable taste and aromas.

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